Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

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    15, Karpatska St., c. Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, Ukraine
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Rector - Doctor of Engineering Science, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy Kryzhanivsky Yevstahiy Ivanovych, Phone: +380(3422) 42264

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is the biggest educational-research institutions of the highest (IV) accreditation level and the main centre of petroleum engineering education and science in Ukraine. The main trends of the University activities are:
1.Training specialists for the oil and gas industry, geological enterprises, establishments and enterprises of the allied fields of national economy of Ukraine.
2.Doing fundamental and applied research development of new technologies, equipment, control systems for the economy.
3.Training of highly qualified Specialists-Doctors and Candidates of Science.
4.Integration of the University into world science and education; training of engineers and researchers for countries.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is continuing the glorious traditions of training specialists for the oil and gas industry started by Lviv Polytechnical Institute more than 100 years ago.
Since 1967 more than 33,5 thousand of professionals have graduated from the University.

Today the University alumni hold the top positions in the oil and gas industry of Ukraine. Among them: people's deputies of Ukraine, top leaders of "Naftogaz Ukrainy" stock company and its branches and enterprises, leaders of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy, directors of institutes, etc.

The University cooperates with universities of Canada, USA, France, Germany, Egypt, Romania, China, Russia, with the US Peace Corps, international student exchange associations IAESTE and AIESEC.


Training of specialists is implemented on the three-level basis: Bachelor - Specialist - Master.

Oil and Gas Recovery
Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storages
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Technological
Ecological Engineering
Land Management and Cadastre
Ecology and Environmental Protection
Automation and Electrification
Automated control of technological processes
Devices and systems of non-destructive control
Metrology and measuring equipment
Systems of control and automation
Electrical systems of power consumption (electrotechnical systems of oil and gas enterprises)
Economics and Management
Management and Information Technologies
Preliminary Courses

The University forms its contingent to satisfy the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Four-month evening preliminary courses have been offered in Poltava, Krasnograd, Pryluky, Okhtyrka, Drohobych, Nadvirna. The preliminary courses are financed by drilling enterprises "Okhtyrkanaftogaz", "Chernihivnaftogaz", "Ukrburgaz" and others. A correspondence preliminary department has been organized for other regions of Ukraine.

The University also comprises 27 educational institutions in different regions of Ukraine (1 institute, 11 colleges, 7 high vocational technical schools, 2 lyceums, 2 secondary schools) for those who want to be enrolled. Some of them are: Poltava oil geological prospecting college, Drohobych oil technical college, Kyiv college of geological prospecting, Ivano-Frankivsk physical-technical lyceum, Burshtyn power engineering technical college.

To meet the needs of main oil and gas regions of Ukraine in specialists the University examination board regularly work in Poltava, Chernihiv, Krasnodar (Kharkiv region), Pryluky, Chornomorsk (the Crimea), Drohobych.

The international links and collaboration of our University are constantly spreading. Students from India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Poland, Jordan, Bulgaria, Russia, Vietnam, Belorus, Moldova study here.

Integration into production process has been provided by branches of 29 University departments at "Ukrgazvydobuvannia", "Ukrtransgaz", "Ukrnafta", and other enterprises.

The University has close links with some foreign organisations and Universities. It makes possible to sign the agreements for carrying out joint scientific researches and participating in international and regional conferences. About 100 students and 80 lecturers have participated in the foreign seminars, congresses, conferences, and have taken traineeship for the last 3 years.

10 buildings of the University include 80 premises, 136 laboratories, 21 computer classes with 420 modern PC, "Uralmash-3D" training experimental drilling rig, and that provides the fullest equipment for the most advanced learning and training.

The University has started the three-level training programs leading to the award of the Bachelor of Engineering, Specialist of Engineering and Master of Engineering. The University provides high-quality education and training, gives the highest specialized instructions, provides the fullest equipment for the most advanced training and research in the various branches of science.

New forms and methods of teaching are being introduced: the rating system of students' knowledge evaluation and the modular system of training; various types of business games, simulation and drama activities, team project methods, computer and information processing technologies.

The library services promotes learning and teaching at the University and meets the requirements of the Ministry of the Education and Science of Ukraine. The University publishing agency "Fakel" has published 297 items of teaching-learning printed materials this year. The scientific technical library has purchased 22880 volumes for the last three years.

The University offers programs in all the University specialities at the Continuing Education Faculty for those who want to take extension courses, courses in raising professional level or to get a degree in the adjacent major area after the graduation: oil and gas geology, geophysics, geoecology, drilling, oil and gas pipelines and storages, transporting and oil and gas storages, machines and units of oil and gas industry, automated control of technological processes and production, electrotechnical system of power supply, systems of control and automation.

Such enterprises as "Ukrtransgaz", "Prydniprovski oilmainlines", "Ukrgazvydobuvannia", "Ukrnafta" benefit from the services of the Continuing Education Faculty.


The purpose of the University scholars' research is to provide effective work of the oil and gas complex and to solve a strategical important problem - to increase provision of Ukraine with hydrocarbon raw material. The research includes:
- carrying out fundamental and applied research on oil and gas problems;
- training of specialists of higher qualification (Candidates and Doctors of Science).

Scientific research is done on requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministries of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, National stock company "Naftogaz Ukrainy" and its branch companies "Ukrgazvydobuvannia", "Ukrtransgaz", "Chornomornaftogaz" enterprise, OSV "Ukrnafta" and other enterprises of oil and gas fields.

The scientific research covers nine scientific areas:
- exploration and prospecting of oil and gas fields;
- technique and technology of well drilling;
- development and exploitation of oil and gas fields;
- transportation and storage of oil and gas;
- oil and gas equipment and machinery;
- instrument making and automation of flow processes;
- technical diagnostics and nondestructive examination;
- control of natural resources, ecology and safety precautions;
- economy and management of oil and gas branches;
- humanitarian problems.

The scientific research is carried out at two scientific-research institutes (the Institute of Oil and Gas Technologies and the Institute of Ecological Safety and Natural Resources), the training scientific production centre "Intekhtsentr", 13 scientific research laboratories, the student design and technological office and at departments.

The University scholars have created the scientific basis and theoretical models and determined the physical laws for the process of oil and gas searching, prospecting, extracting, transporting, processing, and storing in various mining, geological and industrial conditions. They have also worked out and implemented new technologies, technical devices, information measuring and control systems for oil and gas complex objects, as well as systems of technogenic environmental safety in oil and gas field.

The practical application of the University scientific developments made it possible to discover new oil and gas fields, to produce additional quantity of oil and gas, to work out the ecological atlases of oil and gas producing areas. The above-mentioned application has also improved the efficiency of well drilling and exploitation, and the functioning reliability of oil and gas transport and distribution system.

The University scholars are the authors of more than 2.500 inventions, and the joint authors of the "Oil and Gas of Ukraine till 2010" national program and "Development of Hydrocarbon Resources in the Ukraine's sectors on the Black and Azov Seas" program. They also participate in various international, state and regional programs.

The University issues a subject scientific technical collection named "Oil and Gas Field Prospecting and Development", and journal under the title "Quality Control Methods and Devices".

The scientific research results are widely applied in the process of training Bachelors, Specialists and Masters, as well as in extension and additional professional training within the Continuing Education system.

Students are involved in academic and extra-curricular research activity. They carry out various work on state budget and economic agreements, participate in students' competitions, conferences, olympiads and exhibitions. They also prepare articles and claims for invention rights, and annually win about 25-30 prizes at all-Ukrainian students' olympiads and competitions.