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Odesa National Academy of Food-Processing Technologies

  • Address:
    112 Kanatna str., c. Odesa, 65039, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 712-41-40, 725-32-84
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Rector - Bogdan Egorov

Food technologist?s profession is one of the most important on the Earth. In spite of the greatest achievements of scientific-technical progress a man will be unable to live without water, air and foodstuff in the nearest millennia. Qualified food supply guarantees ration security of Ukraine, health and prosperity of the nation. The art of manufacturing and consumption of foodstuffs is one of the most attractive and honourable one. Only famous Masters of food manufacture can help to capture that art, they teach students and carry out scientific research in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Nowadays Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is in a new stage of development. A graduated principle of higher education is fully introduced: from junior Specialists to Bachelors, Specialists, holders of Master?s degree, Candidates and Doctors of Science. The Academy includes Odessa Technical college, Odessa Mechanical-technical secondary school, a Scientific-practice training centre for school-leavers, 8 departments of daily and correspondence study: department of grain technologies, bakery, confectionary products, mixed fodder and biofuel; department of meat and milk product safety technologies and ecological management; department of innovative food technologies, tourism, hotel and restaurant business; department of wine, canning product technologies and commodity research; department of automation, electrical mechanics, computing systems and administration; department of technological equipment, packing and technical design; department of economics, business and monitoring; management, marketing and logistics department; department of Post-graduate study and Doctoral courses.

The Academy also includes: an Institute of post-diploma education which gives the specialists of food and grain processing industry opportunity to raise their qualification; a department for foreign students and citizens, a Scientific-research institute of grain and food products. For the purpose of access extension to the educational facilities a Computing technology school, a School of foreign languages Success, also a teaching and consulting centre called Small and medium-sized businesses school are opened.

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies offers 25 specialities of foodstuff and economic profile. Constantly new specialities and specializations are opened. In 2005 a new department of commodity research started its work. The Academy takes care about contacts with enterprises of food and grain-processing industry and placement of our graduates.

To improve this work in the sphere of manufacturing firms 15 branches of academy departments were opened, a practical training and job placement assistance organizational centre was established. Fairs of vacancies are conducted, in which more than 500 senior students take part. Representatives of 43 Ukrainian leading enterprises of food and grain-processing industry arrived to our academy to tell about their need in specialists, also 65 enterprises sent information about vacancies. Within the Fair of Vacancies presentations of enterprises Vitmark Ukraina, (TM Jaffa, Sokovita), NIBULON, Odesskiy Korovay, JSC Mironovskiy Khleboproduct, (TM Nasha Ryaba, Leghko!, Fua Gra, Certificovanniy Angus), were successfully carried out.

The demand for ONAFT graduates constantly increases. Executives of different level inviting our graduates to work notice not only their professional training level but also such important personal qualities, as adaptability and sociability, sense of humour, ability to generate positive psychological climate in a team of subordinates and colleagues. And this is certainly a great achievement not only of Academy educators, but also the famous city of Odessa. Students studying at our Academy have the opportunity to develop their culture and erudition in a public Institute of culture. Curators can help you get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Odessa. Visits to museums, exhibitions, theatrical performances had become customary for most students. . Interest in amateur art activities of our students has long been beyond the Academy. KVN contests, Miss Academy, Freshman?s evening and other events have gained popularity among student youth of the whole city.

Weighty sporting achievement of Academy students verifies combination of technologist?s profession with sports. Among our students study masters of sports, champions of Ukraine, Europe and the world for Thai Boxing, volleyball and other sports.

Participation in student self-government enables students to acquire the skills of team management. Under the guidance of experienced mentors Academy students learn business relations which often develop into strong partner relationships, forming productive, scientific and business elite of the country.

Amicable collective of professors, docents, lecturers, researchers and students confidently introduces higher education in food and grain-processing industry, obtains confession from professionals around the world. In 2004, the Academy joined the Association of European Universities and in 2005, the European Federation of food science and technology. Currently, the Academy is a member of 9 international organizations. Powerful scientific and personnel potential, 100-year-old tradition of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies are well augurs for its further successful development.