Cherkasy State Technological University

  • Address:
    460, Shevchenko Blvd., c. Cherkasy, 18005, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0472) 71-00-90, 71-00-92, 73-02-74
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The Rector of the University - Yuriy G. Lega - is a Honoured Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, a Member of the International Academy of Computing Sciences and Systems and of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences for National Progress.

Cherkasy State Technological University (CSTU) is one of leading state education-al institutions of Ukraine, which provides state economic branches with the experts in engineering, technological, computer, construction, ecological, economic and philological specialities. During 40 years of its existence the University has prepared more than 12,000 skilled experts, who work not only in different industries of Ukraine but also in foreign countries - Jordan, Syria, China, Peru, Palestine, Argentina, Cameroon, Mоzambique, New Guinea, Israel.

About 7 thousand students are trained at the University. The educational process is carried out by more than 330 teachers, among whom there are 27 doctors of sciences, professors, 147 associate professors, senior lecturers, 17 academicians of branch Academies and 2 corresponding members of the International Academy of Computing Sciences and Systems.

At present in CSTU there are 10 faculties, 37 departments which train experts in 11 branches on 20 specialities.

Owing to the implementation of advanced training technologies with a wide use of computers, the teaching and educational process in the University has informational and practical features. Training of specialists is conducted considering the needs of the agroindustrial complex of Cherkasy region and the demand on the labour market.

Our University is well-known abroad. It is the cooperation with many foreign educational institutions (Lingchoping University in Sweden, Ersted Copenhagen University in Denmark, Strasbourg University in France, Konstanza University and Dresden Mining Academy in Germany that adds to the positive image of Ukrainian scientists all over the world and favours the increase of our University prestige.

Today CSTU is the leader of education and science in our region. It plays an important role in formation of the new Ukrainian generation, enriched with spiritual values and high professional skills.

For Yuriy G. Lega considerable contribution to the development and formation of the educational system and for his many years' fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity he was rewarded with a gold medal of the ICA "For Contribution in Education". Yu. G. Lega is working on devel-opment of principles for transmitting informa-tion using sound signals, and also on elements and devices of computing machines and control systems; he has over 150 scientific works and patents for inventions and 5 monographs. For outstanding scientific achievements the American Biographic Institute elected Yu.G. Lega to the nomination "Prominent Intellectuals of the World", recognising him as one of 1,000 world intellectual leaders, and he was awarded a nominal honour medal "Millennium-2000". Yu.G. Lega was a nominee of the edition "Golden Book of the Business Elite of Ukraine", was awarded the medal of the VIIth International Open Rating of Popularity and Goods' and Services' Quality "Golden Fortune 2000-2001".

In CSTU they pay a special attention to social protection of the staff and students. After Rector's initiative a Treatment and sanitary centre was created. The University sporting complex comprises game and training rooms, a football ground, stadium and health-improvement complex. Favourable moral and psychological climate in the University is ensured by the work of the Practical Psychology Centre employees. Close attention is given to the development of students' sporting and creative abilities. There are two recreation bases of CSTU on the Black Sea shore and Ros river banks.

There is a multi-function system for rating, stimulation and work motivation for functionaries, teaching and professorial staff.

Talented and bright young people are welcomed within CSTU walls. The reception is accomplished according to three education levels - bachelor, specialist, magister.

The special training is held:
- under state grants - day-time and correspondence departments;
- under private grants (contracting basis) - day-time and correspondence departments and externate training.

Economy and Finance Faculty
- Finances
- Accounting and auditing (accounting in budget institutions, accounting in industry, non-industrial accounting)

Economy and Management Faculty
- Economy of enterprise (economy and enterprise activities organization)
- Organization management (management in trade and medicine)

Linguistics Faculty
- Applied linguistics (interpreter and foreign languages teacher)

Facuily of Information Technologies and Systems
- Information controlling systems and tehnologies
- Programme supply of automatic systems
- Computing systems and networks
- Economic cybernetics

Electronic Technologies Faculty
- Radiotechnology (transmitting devices in communication means, information and organization technical means in enterprises and banks)
- Precise mechanics devices (control and measuring devices, power energy sup-ply for agricultural enterprises)
- Medical devices and systems
- Electrotechnical systems of power consuming (power energy control and mar-keting in power industry, information technologies in power industry)

Faculty of Computer technologies in mechanic engineering
- The technology in mechanic engineering (integrated computer systems in technological production supplies; certification of nonfood production and metrological maintanance; market-ing and installation of modern techniques in industrial production; service and repairing of technological equipment of recycling branches in the agricultural complex)
- Metalcutting devices and systems (management in the mechanical engineer-ing; computer technologies in designing the systems of technological equipment)
- Materials processing under special technologies (computer technologies of strengthening and renovation of machine details)
- Design (graphic, industrial, fashion design)

Faculty of Construction
- Industrial and civil construction (management in construction)
- Chemical and food technologies
- Ecology

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