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Agrogaz, State Scientic and Production Enterprise

  • Address:
    apt. 223, 20 Nagirna str., c. Kyiv, 04107, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 211-82-53, 483-06-16
Director - Igor Varavva

We do not save our energy for saving of yours one!
Oh, your country is the worlds richest!- ironically told me the director of representative office of one of biggest American
firms on automation. It was ten years on sunny April day, when the windows were widely opened because of overheated
radiators. And he added: We cannot afford such things for ourselves, because we count each cent. And the implication
of those words was: Why do you make power counting, if you cannot solve the main problem the real Master is absent.
Everything belongs to folk.
So what has been changed since meeting? Slew. On worlds map there appeared a new state Ukraine, which got well to
walk rather big way from developed republic, most ready to reforms to country, which came into decline and balances
on edge of bankruptcy. The only surviving enterprises are those, where the Master has nevertheless appeared. The structure
distribution of energy resources has changed sharply in whole country. Since 1999 the use of natural gas in households
exceeded its industrial use, and this growth tendency goes on. This can be explained not only by stopped industrial enterprises,
but by practically full lack of calculation of consumed energy carriers in households. The attempts to solve this problem
using house-blocks counting is not real from our point of view there are no finance (of lodgers) and technical conditions
(especially in old houses) for installation of at least 6 counters in each apartment.
Thats why up to now, despite of energy crisis, the fees for resources are calculated not for factual consumption, but simply
using norms. This leads to large over-expenditures of energy for whole country and causes lowering of population life
standards. We see the most practical solution of this problem in implementation of complex household counting of energy
carriers taking into account their amount and multi-rates structure. Such combined counter with connected counters and flow
meters (cold and hot water, electric and thermal energy, natural gas) will provide automatic monitoring. It will allow considerably
to decrease the cost, to simplify operation and service of sensors (using unification, maximum use of home designs).
Such counter will allow to control both energy supply services quality in one hand, and household thriftlessness level in
other hand.
There exist approximately 10 thousand of tenement houses in Kyiv. The return of investment
term for one counter is about 1 year.
Investors! Where are you? Call forth!
We have concrete suggestions on technical equipment, production and sale of such
Our motto is: We do not save our energy for saving of yours one!