Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of the AMS of Ukraine

  • Address:
    46, Akademika Pavlova str., c. Kharkiv, 61068, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 738-12-93, 738-33-87
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Director - Prof. Petro V. Voloshyn

Sphere of activity:
- scientific research in the field of neurology, narcology and psychiatry

In 1922 the Institute was organized by the People's Commissary of Health of Ukraine Central as the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Psychoneurology. In 1932 to provide with scientific need of public health the Institute was reorganized in a big complex scientific institution of a new type, the All-Ukrainian Academy of Psychoneurology, which consisted of 5 scientific-research institutes and the Institute of Psychoneurological Personal. Later the Academy was also reorganized. Now this unique polyfunctional institution is named the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. It is the leading institution for its fields of activities in Ukraine.
The director of the Institute since 1977 is Prof. P.V. Voloshyn, MD, DMSc., Hon. Worker of Science and Techniques of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine is the President of the Scientific Society of Neurologists, Psychiatrists, and Narcologists of Ukraine, Member of the Scientific Board of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Member of Directory Board of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, the Head of the Expert Commission of the Ministry of Health and AMS of Ukraine on neurology, Member of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, the Academy of High School, the American Academy of Medicine and Psychiatry, the New York Academy of Sciences
Today the personal of the Institute is consisting of 512 persons. 137 from them are scientific fellows: 17 Doctors of Sciences, including 11 Professors; 72 Candidates of Sciences (PhD).
19 collaborators of the Institute are members and associate members of public academies of sciences: the Academy of High School, the Ecological Academy, the Russian Academy of Astronautics, the American Academy of Medicine and Psychiatry, the New York Academy of Sciences.

The main fields of scientific activities of the Institute and its structure

The Department of Brain Vascular Pathology (Head - Prof. Tamara S. Mishchenko, MD, DMSc., member of the European Stroke Society)
The Department investigates epidemiology of brain vascular diseases, mechanisms of their genesis, works out methods for their diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The Department of Neuroinfections and MS (Head - Prof. Natalya P. Voloshyna, MD, DMSc., Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine)
The Department investigates acute and persist infections of nervous system and different demyelinizating diseases, including multiple sclerosis, problems of neurotraumatology (Prof. Vitaly Y. Taitslin, MD, DMSc.), and vegetology and chronotherapy (Prof. Grigory D. Pertsev, MD, DMSc.).

The Department of Child Psychoneurology and Clinical Neurogenetics (Head - Dr. Lyudmyla M. Tantsura, MD, PhD, Ass. Prof.)
The Department works out problems of paroxysmal conditions in childhood and issues of clinical neurogenetics.

The Department of Neurosurgery (Head - Dr. Valery G. Chernenkov, MD, PhD, Ass. Prof.)
Microsurgery of brain diseases.

The Department of Neuropsychocybernetics (Head - Prof. Viktor I. Sukhorukov, MD, DMSc., Hon. Worker of Science and Techniques of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Astronautics of Russian Federation)
The Department works actively on problems of psychoneurology and takes part in projects of the National Astronautic Agencies of Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian Antarctic Center.
The Department of Neuroses and Borderline Conditions (Head - Prof. Natalya O. Maruta, MD. DMSc., Head of the Kharkov Regional Psychiatric Scientific Medical Society)
Working out new forms and methods of a psychotherapeutic influence. The Department researches contemporary forms of neuroses and borderline pathology, mechanisms of their genesis, principles of treatment and prevention.

The Department of Clinical, Social, and Child Psychiatry (Head - Prof. Valery S. Podkorytov, MD, DMSc., Head of the Problem Commission of the AMS and Ministry of Health of Ukraine on psychiatry)
Problems of mental disorders in children and adults.

The Department of Emergency Psychiatry and Narcology (Head - Dr. Andriy M. Bacherykov, MD, DMSc.)
Problems of emergency psychiatry, narcology, and aid to persons who have suffered because of technogenic catastrophes, violence and other extremal influences.

The Department of Medical Psychology (Head - Prof. Lyudmyla F. Shestopalova, D.Psych.Sc., Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Expert of the State Committee on the State Prizes of Ukraine in the fields of science and techniques)
The Department works out medical psychological issues of influence of various extremal events on human psychics and also sociopsychological and medical psychological supplying of medical service reformation in Ukraine.

The Department of Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol Dependence (Head - Dr. Oleksandr I. Minko, MD, DMSc.)
The Department of Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence (Head - Dr. Igor V. Linsky, MD, DMSc.)
The Departments work out new medication and non-medication methods to treat substance dependence, preventive antidrug and antialcohol programs for different groups of population.

The Department of Clinical Diagnostics (Head - Prof. Vladislav S. Mertsalov, MD, DMSc., Hon. Worker of Science and Techniques of Ukraine)
Diagnostics of brain pathology, MRI, CT, Doppler and ultrasound investigations.

The Laboratory Experimental Division: the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Immunology (Head - Prof. Tamara M. Vorobyova, D.Biol.Sc.),
the Laboratory of Biochemistry (Head - Ass. Prof. Genrikh Kh. Bozhko, PhD)
On the base of organic connection between theoretical, practical, and experimental studies the division solve theoretical problems of modern neurology, psychiatry, narcology; the modeling of pathological processes, realistic adequate animal models are used widely.

The Clinics of the Institute (Head Physician of the Clinics is the Deputy Director on Clinical Work Dr. Vadim I. Reminyak, MD, PhD, Ass. Prof., Hon. Physician of Ukraine)
The Polyclinics of the Institute (Head of the Polyclinics is Dr. Anatoly G. Nazarchuk, MD, PhD)
The clinics of the Institute have 260 beds (in 6 divisions) and the polyclinic intends for 250 visits per day. They provide neurological, neurosurgical, psychiatric, narcological in-patient and out-patient service for population from all the regions of Ukraine and abroad including patients with the most difficult pathology.

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