Vatra-Kilev, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    r. 31/32, 4, Kosogorny pr., c. Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 417-32-80, 417-40-52, 462-54-03
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Limited Liability Company ''Vatra-Kilev'' is the official distributor of Limited Liability Company ''OSP Corporation Vatra'' (Ternopol') in Kiev and Kiev, Zhitomir, Chercass, Kirovograd regions.

The main directions of activity in our firm is:
- realization and advancement of light-technical produces on the market which outputs of enterprise ''Vatra'';
- development and delivery of exclusive lamps (chandeliers) to customers together with enterprise Limited Liability Company ''Vatra-Technosvitlo'';
- wiring produces and mounting resources (German firm ABB);
- low-voltage installation, wires and cables;
- start-controlling gears, starters and lamps of various producers;
- lamps framed on the basis of light diodes;
- development of light diodes moulds and collectors.