Mitsuyin Machinery LTD, Khmelnytsk Representation

  • Address:
    82, Stelmakh str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(097) 939-85-96
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Director - Boichenko Elena Nikolaevna

Company MITSUYIN Machinery LTD founded in 1979 in town Ningbo Yingong as a factory that spezialized on spare parts to the sewing equipment. Now MITSUYIN Machinery LTD is a leading factory in the production of sewing equipment and spare parts made using Japanese and Taiwan technologies with the improved quality system management. Now it occupies an area in 8400 square meters with the fixed assets over 25 000 000 dollars and has more than 400 staff members. Having a complete set of high precision equipment and ability of heat-treating, factory has been regard for a few last years the best on the line of sewing equipment. The company`s products passed ISO 2002, ISO 14000 and «CE» certification, that testifies to accordance the world standards of quality and safety. Also a company has a great number of rewards and diplomas from different competitions and exhibitions. Nom we produce sewing equipment and parts for sewing equipment of different trade marks, such as MITSUYIN, BROTHER, KINGTEX, SIRUBA, SINGER, JUKI, PEGASUS, YAMATO, SHINGLING, KANSAI, DURKOPP, EAST MAN, REECE, NEWLONG, RIMOLDI, LEWIS, MITSUBISHI, SUNSTAR, TAJIMA, TOYOTA, BARUDAN, TYPICAL.