State Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre

Head - Volodymyr Kulinich

Main directions of activity:
1. Topographic-geodesic activity (creation of the national reference system, providing of functioning and development of the state geodesic network, topographical mapping of the state's territory and development of the national system of mapping, monitoring and updating of topographical maps and plans, digital mapping; works related to conducting of the land reform, inhabited locality surveys).
2. Creation of the national infrastructure of geospatial information and topographic-geodesic providing of maintaining state cadastres.
3. Topographic-geodesic and cartographic providing of delimitation and demarcation of the state frontier of Ukraine and checking of its passing.
4. Engineer-geodesic activity (construction of the special geodesic basis by GPS methods, geodesic monitoring of spatial deformation of buildings and structures, changes of environment conditions, creation of geodynamical survey loop in the area of Chernobyl NPP; instrumental survey of spatial position of building constructions in the Shelter objects, ChNPP; determination of dimensions and vectors on slumping areas, creation of geoinformation systems of territories for different purposes).
5. Thematic and special mapping, redaction of cartographic products, providing of educational establishments with train aids.
6. Creation of national regulatory legal and regulatory technical base of cartographic-geodesic branch of the state.
7. Instrument-making (design and mass output of plotting machines and software products for topographic-geodesic and cartographic production).
8. Earth remote sensing for providing topographic-geodesic and cartographic activity.
9. Creation and maintenance of geographical information systems of the state, regional and local value.
10. Standardization, accounting and order of application of place names.
11. Creation and maintenance of the State Cartographic-Geodesic Fund of Ukraine.
12. State geodesic observance and licensing of cartographic-geodesic activity.
13. Standardization, certification, examination, metrological providing in the field of topographic-geodesic and cartographic activity; determination of geographical permanents of Ukraine.
14. Conducting of fundamental and applied scientific studies.
15. Publishing activity (printing of atlases, maps, plans, globes and relief maps).
16. Co-ordination of staffing and personnel training.
17. Granting of all types of state topographic-geodesic and cartographic information services to public authorities, legal entities and natural persons.
18. International cooperation in the sphere of geodesy and cartography.
19. Edition of scientific and technical magazine "Bulletin of Geodesy and Cartography".
20. Communication with mass-media and cooperation with public.