Donetsk National Technical University

  • Address:
    2, Shybankova pl., c. Krasnoarmiysk, Donetsk reg., 85300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 301-07-69, 304-12-78, (066) 837-46-00, (096) 246-53-00
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Donetsk National Technical University was founded in 1921 and is a forefather of higher engineering and economic education in the Donetsk Region in Ukraine. It has trained more than 100,000 specialists for the years of its existence.

Now it has 4 institutes, 15 faculties and three colleges as the University subdivisions. Major part of the Donbass industrialists, businessmen and engineers are DonNTU graduates.

Accredited departments and graduate's diploma degrees
- Economic Cybernetics;
- Management and Audit;
- Business Economics;
- Organization management;
- Foreign Economic Activity Management;
- Geology;
- Ecology and Environment Protection;
- Information Control Systems and Technology;
- Software Development for Computer-Aided Systems;
- Physical Metallurgy;
- Mechanical Engineering Technology;
- Cutting Machines and Systems;
- Mining Equipment;
- Metallurgical Equipment;
- Equipment for Chemical Industry and Building Materials Manufacturing Enterprise;
- Development of Mineral Field;
- Mineral Processing;
- Mine and Underground Construction;
- Hole Drilling;
- Mine Survey;
- Metallurgy of Ferrous Metals;
- Metal Forming;
- Industrial Heating Engineering;
- Heat and Power Engineering;
- Thermal Power Stations;
- Power Stations;
- Electric Systems and Networks;
- Electric Engineering Systems and Networks;
- Electronic Systems;
- Control and Automatic Systems;
- Computer Systems and Networks
- Applied Chemistry of Fuel and Carbonaceous Materials;
- Applied Chemistry of Heat-Resistant Non-Metals and Silicate Materials;
- Motor Roads and Aerodroms;
- Electromechanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive;
- Electromechanical Equipment of Power-Consuming Industries;
- Automated Control of Production Processes
- Public Service

Bachelor's and Specialist's degrees on study completion at the departments of:
- Economic Theory;
- International Economics;
- Finance;
- Land Management and Cadastre;
- Computer-Aided Ecological and Economic Monitoring;
- Applied Science of Materials;
- Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines;
- Hoisting and Transport, Building, Road-Building and Land Reclamation Machines and Equipment;
- Industrial Heating Engineering;
- System Programming;
- Special-Purpose Computer Systems;
- Applied Chemistry of Organic Materials;
- Quality, Standardization and Certification;
- Organization and Road Traffic Control;
- Applied Chemistry of High-Molecular Compounds;
- Transport Systems;
- Organization of Transportation and Transport Management

Number of students:
- full time - 15,675 (181 foreign citizens);
- part time - 6,331

Number of post graduates:
- full time - 116 (5 foreign citizens);
- part time - 56

- scientific degree: PhDs - 624, Doctors - 88

Accredited departments for foreign students:
- department name: (see 1-56 departments listed above)
- education cost: USD 800 (lectures are delivered in Russian);
USD 1200 (lectures are delivered in English)
The main goal of the research carried out at the University is to preserve more than 30 science and engineering schools of the University and increase the share of fundamental and research investigations.
Annually 5-6 people defend their doctoral theses, and 20-25 – those of the Candidate of Science.

DonNTU proposes collaboration on the following trends of research:
- Development of the methods and algorithms for massive and parallel computer systems;
- Theory and synthesis of digital control devices;
- Methods, algorithms and systems of technical diagnostics and digital devices control;
- 3D computer graphics systems and virtual reality;
- Development of the network of computer-aided design system (CAD system) of digital devices on programmed Super large-scale integrated circuits (SLIC) ;
- Development of the instrument facilities to create the intellectual CAD system;
- Development of the systems of complex automation of technology processes applied to different branches of industry;
- Development of modern algorithms of optimal and adaptive control of industrial robots;
- Development of information and measurement systems applied in ecology, oceanology and technical processes ( automation and increase of quick performance accuracy);
- Creation of information and measurement systems of components weighing, proportioning and mixing; creation of automated equipment to obtain highly homogeneous mixtures;
- Creation of automated biological and technological complexes to manufacture ecologically friendly protein agents and carbonates;
- Development of theories and methods of creation of computerized information systems based on corpo-rate PC networks;
- Development of theoretical bases and creation of pattern recognition systems.

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