Ternopil State Technical University named after Ivan Pului

  • Address:
    56 Ruska str., c. Ternopil, 46001, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0352) 52-41-81, 52-90-97
  • Web-site:
Rector - Petro Yasniy

The University is an educational institution of of engineering and technological specialization. Physical phenomena and processes investigation with the purpose of further development and design of new machines and technologies in different branches, teaching of their modeling methods, research and optimization are the University's educational functions. Educational process organization is carried out on the principles of continuity, integration, regularity and professional training on each step of the multi-stage educational system.

List of the specialities:
- Marketing;
- Management of Organization;
- Agricultural Machinery and Equipment;
- Metal Cutting Machine Tools and Systems;
- Processing and Food Processing Industry Equipment;
- Engineering Technology;
- Electrical Engineering Systems of Power Consumption;
- Lighting Technology and Sources of Light;
- Welding Technology and Equipment;
- Automated Management of Engineering Processes;
- Automated Control of Computer - Integrated Technological Processes and Production.

In the University the citizen-upbringing concept is developed and being implemented, the Humanities are introduced into all structural sub-units, Ukrainian national traditions, customs, foundations of Christian morality are revived, respect to the history of our people, its culture and language is inculcated.

The basic research areas of the University are: the development of fundamental, searching and applied investigations, the strengthening of scientific cooperation with the leading scientific centres, the fulfilment of state budget and economic agreements, scientific-industrial activity, the introduction of scientific developments into production.

The most important fields of research carried on at present are the following: the development of new technologies, equipment and devices in medicine, space, light engineering, mechanical engineering, food production; the creation of new materials and technologies of their obtaining; working-out of methods of stress-strained state analysis calculation; construction and machine elements durability forecasting.
During the last 5 years the research newness and high standard of scientific and technological developments of the University were confirmed by more than 150 author's certificates and patents on inventions, and by 16 monograph publications.

The University conducts research to the orders of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry of Science and Technologies, the National Space Agency, various enterprises, ministries and departments.
Many times the achievements of the research were demonstrated at international exhibitions, including Zdorovya-95 in Ternopil, Interhospital-95 and CEBIT-97 in Hannover (Germany). The President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma acclaimed the results of scientific investigations presented at the University exposition during his visit to Ternopil in 1996.

The Student Scientific Society is actively engaged into research activity. While still at the University, the students begin to carry out research work, take part in seminars and contests, make presentations at conferences, publish their works. The University offers Ivan Pului scholarships to support students for outstanding academic merits and research potential. Since 1996 the journal "Naukovy Visnyk"("Scientific Bulletin") has been published at the University, where the latest achievements of scientists in different branches of science and engineering are printed.

Considerable attention is paid to the organization of scientific and educational conferences of various research trends. Eight conferences, including 4 international ones, where scientists from the USA, England, Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukrainian diaspora participated, were held on the basis of the University in 1995-1996.