Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

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    58 Amosova str., c. Kharkiv, 61176, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 711-35-56, 711-80-25
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Rector - Oleg Korop

On November 11, 1923 by the Order of the People Commissariat of Public Health Protection, the Ukrainian State Institute of Advanced Training for Doctors was established in Kharkov. Now it is known as the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Now the academy has 64 chairs composing 5 departments:
- therapeutical;
- surgical;
- pediatric;
- of general practice - family medicine;
- management in health protection.

Highly qualified medical aid for population is a social guarantee for the society. Training of doctors is considered as a subdivision of the educational system enabling to acquire new skills, primary speciality in internature or a secondary speciality in a narrower speciality, upgrade skills within 125 medical specialities in compliance with advanced scientific achievements, have pre-validation training which enables to reach a higher professional level. Annually 16-18 thousand doctors. Besides, the academy trains scientific-pedagogical personnel and high-level specialists through the Master's course, clinical ordinature, post-graduate course, Doctor's degree course both for Ukraine and foreign countries. Annually specialists from over 30 countries get post graduate training at the Academy.

The Academy disposes of very qualified personnel. Among the chair heads 85% are Professors or Ph.D. During 1990-2000 the academy has trained 59 Dr., 317 Candidates of Sciences, 16 persons of the reserve are now preparing their theses for a Doctor's degree, there are 11 Academicians, 12 Corresponding members, 8 Honoured researchers, 5 Laureates of the State prize, 5 Honoured inventors, 6 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine and 6 Honoured Worker of Public Health System of Ukraine.

There function 2 specialised scientific councils on defending theses for Doctor's and Candidate's degrees.

An individual contract for the training course is made with the each trainee.
Payment depends on the speciality (all the amounts are given in our web site http ://

The beginning of the training course is defined individually according to the wish of the trainee and formal requirement of his country. The training is provided in Russian and Ukrainian. Trainee may take a course of Russian or Ukrainian language at the Academy.