Ukrtatnafta, Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    3, Svishtovska str., c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39609, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0536) 76-19-55, 76-81-97, 76-84-74, (05366) 76-88-33
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Chairman of the Board - Pavlo Ovcharenko

"Ukrtatnafta" Transnational Financial and Industrial Oil Company was founded in 1995 on an equal footing in accordance with the Presidents of Ukraine and Tatarstan decrees. The company is an assignee of the Kremenchug petroleum refinery, which was put into operation in 1966. The "Ukrtatnafta" Company is registered in Ukraine and pays taxes to the Ukrainian budget.

"From oil well to gas station" - our basic principle, which has been verified by the top-level oil companies of the world.

"Ukrtatnafta" Company is one of the leading Ukrainian oil-processing enterprises. Its capacity is 18.6 million tons of raw mineral oil a year. Oil processing is conducted according to the fuel-oil scheme using the following processes: oil desalting and dehydration, preliminary oil processing, gasoline rerunning, reduced crude vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking and reforming, fuel hydrofining, gas fractionation, deasphalting and lube fractions refinement by solvent refining agents, dewaxing and hydrofining, net gas desulfurization; production of sulfur, pitch minerals, aromatic hydrocarbons, high-octane additives for gasoline.

The company manufactures a wide assortment of products. All of them are of high quality: ecologically pure unblended types of gasoline (A-76; A-92; A-95; in future - A-98), winter and summer diesel fuel, motor oil of different types, benzol, toluene, solvents, wax, bitumen, reduced crude, sulfur and other oil products.

Our products are well-known all over Ukraine and abroad. They have quality certificates issued by the State committee in technical management and consumer policy of Ukraine.

At present the "Ukrtatnafta" Co. has acceptable level of the production ecological efficiency. The management of the company has developed the production modernization program which is currently being implemented. The purpose of this program is to improve ecological characteristics of the products, to reduce harmful emission and to increase output of light oil.

The company has more than 4000 employees. The enterprise management pays permanent attention to the improvement of the personnel professional skills. Possessing a considerable production potential, the company created and currently maintains a developed social sphere:
- "Neftekhimik" Recreation Center with a swimming-pool (more than 1200 people a year);
- "Solnechny" Recreation Center for children (450 children at a time);
- "Neftekhimik" Health Center: swimming-pool and modern diagnostic equipment (350 visitors per 24 hours);
- Sports Center;
- "Neftekhimik" Palace of Culture.

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