Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

  • Address:
    14 Nauky ave., c. Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 702-10-13, 702-13-97, 702-17-20, 702-18-07
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Accredited by the level IV, it was set up in 1993 on the basis of Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (former Kharkov Civil Engineers Institute founded in 1930, which was transformed into Kharkov Institute of Mines in 1947, into Kharkov Institute of Machine Building, Automation and Computing in 1962, and into Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics in 1966). Now the University trains about 7000 students on the basis of the complete secondary education awarding three stages: the Bachelor' degree, the Specialist's degree, the Master's degree; in addition the University trains students on the basis of the higher education, awarding the scientific degrees of Candidate (Ph.D.) and Doctor of sciences according to the established order. The teaching staff consists of more than 700 teachers, 122 doctors of science, professors, and more than 360 candidates of science (Ph.D.), assistant professors are among them. More than 300 citizens from 24 countries of the world are educated in KTURE. The post-graduate courses offer wide possibilities for research work under the competent guidance of prominent scientists. The University has many modern laboratories, 34 computer class-rooms, the computer center (about 800 computers used for teaching and scientific work), connected to the Internet system, a large and rich library with convenient reading halls, its own publishing house, the students campus, the stadium, many canteens with good cuisine. The University has its own sanatorium-dispensary for the students and staff to rest and receive qualified aid.
The scientific work in the University is carried out in the framework of the scientific schools headed by the leading scientists. The cultural life is concentrated in the students' club, where everybody can find an occupation to his taste and to show his abilities. Our students actively participate in the sports events both in Ukraine and abroad. Due to the personnel and students body the atmosphere peculiar to Alma Mater reigns in our University.

The structure of the University comprises two institutes consisting of seven faculties:


The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control
Computer systems and networks
Specialized computer systems
System programming
Automatic and control systems
Flexible computerized systems and robotics
Information security

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management
Economical cybernetics
Applied mathematics
System analysis and control

The Faculty of Computer Sciences
Information control systems and technologies
Information design technologies
Software engineering
Intellectual decision making systems
Publishing computer systems


The Faculty of Radio Engineering
Radio engineering
Radio communication broadcasting and television equipment
Radiotechnical devices, systems and complexes

The Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Electronic devices and equipment
Physical and biomedical electronics
Laser and optoelectronic engineering
Microelectronics and semiconductive devices

The Faculty of Electronic Devices
Electronic equipment production
Biotechnical and medical devices and systems
Household electronic equipment
Telecommunication technologies and means

The Faculty of Telecommunications and Measuring Devices
Metrology and measuring engineering
Telecommunication systems and networks
Information communication networks

KTURE is a unique learning experience and we hope that you will be able to join one of our 29 specialities. The term of training is 4 years for a Bachelor's Degree and 5 years for a Master's Degree.
The University successfully trains specialists for many countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.
Our University supports educational and scientific relations with 5 universities of the Great Britain, Finland, France, Germany and the USA.

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