Kharkiv National University of Economics

  • Address:
    9 а, Nauky ave, c. Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 702-03-04, 702-07-17, 702-18-37
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Rector - doctor of Scienses (Economics), Professor Volodymyr S. Ponomarenko

Kharkov National University of Economics is one of the leading economical institutions of high education in Ukraine was founded on the 22 of October in 1930. The University uses the technology of continuous education that includes: system of preliminary training, full-time and correspondence training, and postgraduate courses.

There are such faculties in the University:

1. The Faculty of Preliminary Education;

2. The Faculty of Economy and Law;
- Economy of Enterprise;
- Human Resource Management.

3. The Faculty of Economic Informatics
- Economical Statistics;
- Informational Managing Systems and Technologies;
- Economical Cybernetics;
- Computer ecologicy-economic monitoring;
- Computerized Technologies and Systems of Publishing and Polygraphic Manufacture;
- Technology of Electronic Multimedia Publications.

4. The Faculty of Management and Marketing
- Marketing;
- Management of Organizations;
- Administrative Management;
- Logistics.

5. The Faculty of International Economic Relations
- Economical Theory;
- International Economics;
- Foreign Economic Activity Management;
- Tourism.

6. The Faculty of Accountancy and Auditing
- Accountancy and Auditing

7. The Faculty of Finance
- Banking;
- Tax assessment.

8. Correspondence Faculty
This faculty offers to get modern higher education according to the follow specialities:
- International Economics,
- Banking,
- Finances,
- Accountancy and Auditing,
- Marketing,
- Human Resource Management and Labour Economics,
- Tourism,
- Tax assessment,
- Management of Organizations,
- Technology of Electronic Multimedia Publications,
- Informational Managing Systems and Technologies.

Post-Graduate Education
Itersectorial institute of professional development attached to Kharkov National Economical University performs the preparation of the specialists on the base of Bachelor degree and complete higher education according to the appropriate specialities in Economics and Enterprise, Management, Informational Ruling Systems and Technologies.

Magistracy of Public Service
Itersectorial institute of professional development in conjunction with the Main Directorate of Public Service in Ukraine performs the preparation of master's degree according to "Economics" and "Administrative management" specializations and "Public service" spesiality.

Postgraduate Study
- business accounting, analysis and auditing;
- demography, labour economics, social economics and policy;
- economy of enterprise;
- economy, organization and management of enterprises;
- economical and mathematical modeling;
- economic theoty;
- organization of management, planning and regulation of economics;
- distribution of productive volumes and regional economics;
- finances, money accountancy and credit.

Doctor of Science Courses
- economical and mathematical modeling;
- economy, organization and management of enterprises.

Preparation of Foreign Citizens
The University provides professional development of the foreign citizens of all previously mentioned specialities according to the qualification requirements to Bachelors, Specialists and Masters, and also their retraining, in particular providing them with the second higher education on the basis of international state agreements, state programs, agreements concluded between the University and juridical and physical persons. Besides the University is licenced for the preparation of the foreign citizens for entering to the higher schools. The apprenticeship at the Preliminary Courses is one year.

Dean of the Faculty responsible for work with foreign students - Tel./fax: +38 057 702 06 46.

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