Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade

  • Address:
    333 Klochkivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61051, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 336-89-79, 337-85-35
  • Web-site:   
Rector - Oleksandr I. Cherevko

Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade is the major accredited specialized school of higher learning in Ukraine aimed at training specialists for food industry, catering and trade, hospitality industry and tourism, customs inspection and tax administration, financial institution.

The University trains 7.000 students specializing in:
- Food technology;
- Food science and trade;
- Bread production, confectionary and pasta technology;
- Technologies of storage preserving and processing of fruit and vegetables;
- Technologies of storage preserving and processing of milk;
- Technologies of storage preserving and processing of meat;
- Goods and service expertise;
- Food industry equipment and machinery;
- Customs application of commercial activities;
- Book-keeping and audit;
- Finances;
- Economics;
- Organization management;
- International economics;
- International business management;
- Marketing.
On graduating students get Bachalor, Specialist and Master degrees.

The Center for Professional and Pre-Higher Learning Training, the Ukrainian-German Economic and Financial Lyceum, the preparation departments for the Ukrainian and foreign citizens help young people get ready to enter the University . The University has the Post-graduate and Doctorate Departments, offering 6 specialities, as well as the Business School. Together with colledges, research institutes, enterprises and its branches the University forms a multifunctional training, research and industrial complex.

More than 30.000 university graduates work as managers and specialists in food industry and trade of the Eastern Ukraine and form the Association of Graduates.

The University has a unique combination of staff and facilities for high-level training of specialists:
- it has more than 300 faculty members;
- it has 40.000 square meters of floor space for class-rooms, study and research laboratories, computer's rooms, the Center of Information Technologies, libraries, hostels, Palace of students;
- scientific conferences for students and faculty are held annually at the University , textbooks and compilations of scientific works are published;

28 chairs of the University conduct research in a number of important directions, such as:
- development of new food technologies;
- development of new equipment for food production;
- new trends in management, marketing, book-keeping and audit in the market economy.

The University has friendly ties with a number of universities, companies and foundations in Germany, France, USA, Poland, UK, Jordan, Russia and other countries, so the students may acquire the first-hand professional experience at quality restaurants, hotels and companies around the world.

The University invites :
- to take a course of study at different educational and professional levels;
- to upgrade professional qualifications or get a new speciality;
- to participate in scientific conferences;
- to conduct research;
- to exchange useful experience and ideas with the University faculty and students.


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