Izyum State-Owned Instrument-Making Plant

  • Address:
    66 Nezalezhnosti ave., c. Izyum, Kharkiv reg., 64302, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05743) 2-10-78, 2-15-48, 2-41-45
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Izyum State-Owned Instrument-Making Plant is the only plant in Ukraine manufacturing optical glass. Our plant was founded in 1916

Being the first to invent optical glass in the country and a unique technology of optical glass hard-facing, including atomatic eye-piece glass production electric-bath furnace of continuous opearation (first in the USSR) and technology of pressing blanks from liquid glass mass. This is our history.

Since 1940s we have been developing instrument-making for different fields : devices for the Defense Ministry, geodetic instruments, sensitometers, light-optical naval beacons, display facilities for Central SpaceshipTracking Headquarters. Many of these are protected by copyright certificates, and awarded diplomas at the international exhibitions, including two USSR premiums.

Special-purpose devices:
- target-aiming devices 9S816, 9Sh119M1, 9Sh135 for antitank complex;
- sights PZU-7, PZU-7M, 1P3-3 for antiaircraft of armoured vehicles;
- power supply units: BT6-26, BT6-26M, BT6-26E, BT6-I3 for night vision devices for the driver-mechanic of armoured vehicles;
- target-aiming devices for antiaircraft rocket-artillery complex USK-1;
- night vision devices for the driver-mechanic of armoured vehicles TVN-2, TVN-2T, TVN-2B, TVN-2BM, TVNO-2, TVNO-2B, TVNO-2BM, TVNE-IPA, TVNE-IB, TVNE-4PA, TVNE-4B, TVN-5, TVN-5M
- direct laying sights OP1-7, OP-2 ( 10 modifications for different systems of artillery), OP-4(12 modifications for different system of artillery), OP-4M (22 modifications for different systems of artillery) systems of ground artillery
- vision devices of day time observation BMO-190, TNP-165 A, L36.65 sb 2B, TNPO-170A, TNP-350B, TNPO-115Y, TNPO-115T, TNPA-65A, TNPO-160, TNPT-3, TNPO-168V for armoured vehicles;
- sights for guns PBO-2, PBO-4 without back-blow;
- protective glass with electric heater SET-5L, SE2PI;
- control –calibrator devices 9V8V, 9V570,
- simulator TM-113;
- flame-thrower optical sight– OPO-1,
- minethrower optical sight PAM-1

Various optical and optical-electric devices:
-automatic light-optical apparatus ASA-500M;
- floating lighting marker PSO-79;
-automatic impulse light-signal apparatus AISA-79;
- automatic light-signal device ACP-79;
- electr- beacon rotating light-optical apparatus EMV-930M;
- night vision devices PN-1, PN-3, PN-7, PON, NPA-1;
- night-vision hunting sights, "VIZIR", "VIZIR-2"

Sensitometer devices:
- microdensitometers
- photometer FDO-2
- whitenessmeasurer BM-1

- trichinnscope TL-1
- diagnostic microscope DM-1
- binocular trichin microscope MTB-1
- microscope MPB-3M

- magnifier with stand support LP-1,7x
- measuring magnifier LI-Z-10x
- binocular magnifier LBZ-2

-TZL-7-6, TZL-10-4, TZL-20, TZL-30
- telescope TZL-90

Mini binoculars:
- BM 5,2, BM-7

- MM-5,2, MM-7


Compass circles:
- BG-1

Optical glass:
- transparent, colour, special fibre, laser, dairy, photochrome, high refraction ( 201 varieties available),
- blanks of eye-piece lenses
- optical colourless high and low refraction blanks, those made of special dispersion glass, radiation-resistant glass, blanks from heat-resistant glass, fibre, diffusion light, dairy glass. Blanks from unique colour optical glass selectively absorbing and passing the light flux
- active elements for lasers from phosphate generating luminescence glass
- optical components from colourless, colour glass (lenses, prisms, plates, grids, light filters etc.) with coating and without it.

Sales and Marketing Department, tel.: (+380 5743) 2-41-76, 2-23-18

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